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Applications Gallery

Welcome to the Applications Gallery

Welcome to Aeegle Cloud Platform Applications Gallery, here you will find Pre-built Applications that are ready to starting using them and automate key processes in your organization, you just need to request any app and our team will provisional it in you ACP Account.

Since these apps are built on top on ACP you will be able to customize them, with any specific requirement to fit with your company. 

1. Bug Tracking System Application

Alondra is a bug or issue tracking system that helps teams to track software bugs and defects in software development projects.

2. Leave Requests Management

Leave Requests Management is an application that integrates leave requests for employees and a leave approval process; accessible from anywhere and any device, making the entire process easier, faster and more efficient for requestors and approvers, empowering the HR department to avoid any errors at logging leaves or absences and make smarter decisions and reports.

3. IT Helpdesk application

IT Helpdesk App is a tool created in order to log, track and resolved incident tickets opened and reported to the IT department, this in order to keep business running at the best possible efficiency.

4. Order Capture

This App can be used to keep record of all purchase orders in the company. The app user can create and edit the records and submit it to a Management level for approval.

5. Maintenance request

This application allows a property manager to provide the service all tenants need by them submitting a maintenance request. Reporters are able to include screenshots of a problem when creating a maintenance request.

6. Equipment inventory

The Equipment Inventory app helps companies to register and keep track of all the inventory accross all departments and locations, it also provides a powerful search engine to facilitate the users to find and review any equipment.